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A letter to the West Point Association of Graduates Board of Directors and CEO, sent February 1, 2021:

One-hundred and sixty years ago this month, the fabric of our national polity was torn. West Point graduates and alumni were divided. A fledgling insurrection formed into a treasonous confederate government that seceded from the United States in February 1861. Each graduate’s fidelity to the oath sworn upon commissioning was challenged. Tragically, many chose to forsake their oath and became traitors to the Constitution and country they swore to defend. Never again can such a divide fester.

Today, we find our nation…

As West Point alumni, we each served in the Army and are committed to a lifetime of service to the nation. At graduation, we took an oath to “support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.” For the entire existence of our nation, racism has been an insidious, divisive enemy that inhibits our ability to attain the envisioned “more perfect union.”

Racism has no place at our Academy, in our military, or in our society. It is not a question of politics or beliefs; it is a question of right, wrong and readiness. As graduates of a…

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Update on 15 June: Since publication, the number of West Point graduates who signed on to this letter has increased to over 1,000. Every graduating class from 1966 through 2019 is represented.

You are beginning your careers at a tumultuous time. More than 110,000 Americans have died of COVID-19, more than 40 million are unemployed, and our nation is hurting from racial, social and human injustice. Desperation, fear, anxiety, anger, and helplessness are the daily existence for too many Americans. …

United Members of the Long Gray Line

A coalition of several hundred West Point alumni from six decades of classes, who collectively served across ten presidential administrations.

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